Honda - Richmond, CA

The project generally consisted of removal and reconstruction of 9,000 TF, 18,000 TF of new construction and installation of 21 mainline common standard turnouts all while under continual rail traffic. The rail portion of the project was a piece of the overall $48m redevelopment of the Port of Richmond. The project required a meticulous phasing plan to maintain continual rail connectivity and vehicular ingress/egress to 5 large rail-served industries, each receiving multiple switches per day and continual truck deliveries 24 hrs / day. A maximum of 10 hours per weekday were provided for service interruptions to make tie/cut-ins and all grade-crossings were completed half at-a-time to maintain vehicular access. 

Numerous private and municipal utility crossings had to be encased and protected. The project was subject to many mitigation requirements under the EIR mitigation plan. Further, it was a requirement of the project that no less than 20% of total labor be performed by personnel residing in the City of Richmond; IRC was effectively able to recruit and employ several Richmond residents and achieved a total of 24% total man hours work by Richmond residents.