Penny Newmain Grain - Fresno, CA

The project generally consists of design and construction of a 14,000 foot loop-track grain unloading facility. The design team was challenged to accommodate the desired rail capacity in a limited space amongst many existing buildings and utilities while staying within the allowable design criteria. The track improvements also had to be designed and construction phased in a manner which would not interrupt the owner's ongoing and continuous rail operations; material deliveries and on-site rail-welding operations were also coordinated with the owner so they did not interrupt rail operations.

The facility was designed with concrete ties and heavy weight continuous-welded-rail and BNSF/UPRR common standard turnouts. Included in the project was a public at-grade crossing and numerous municipal and private utility crossings all which required design and coordination for encasement and protection. The project was awarded as a lump sum design build contract.